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1) You haven't been home in three days.

2) You don't have time to take a shower, so you walk through a car wash on your beat.

3) Your social life consists of hanging out and chatting with the suspects in the holding cells.

4) Your love life consists of driving past your house flashing your spouse.

5) Your spouse does something to get arrested just to spend some time with you.

6) The stress is so bad that instead a breakfast cereal you have a bowl of Tums; and instead of milk, you pour Pepto Bismol on it.

7) For Thanksgiving you and your partner feed each other two turkey T.V. dinners, while one of you drives and the other one answers calls on the radio.

8) You try to request immediate back-up, but the dispatcher puts you on hold.

9) Misdemeanors are no longer a crime because there are not enough officers to respond.

10) The suspect in the holding cell lost 20 pounds because no one remembered to feed him.

Cartoons by Gaspirtz


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